Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 8 – Internationally Oriented Community

  International Arbitration & Portugal Internationally Oriented Community   International arbitration in Portugal has taken off in recent years, and as previous posts have discussed, there are a wide variety of compelling reasons why this has been the case. Past posts have touched upon some aspects of how Portugal is internationally oriented in terms of

Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 7 – Supportive Courts

International Arbitration & Portugal Supportive State Courts   In addition to the several previously mentioned advantages in regards to selecting Portugal as an all-encompassing jurisdiction for the resolution of international arbitration disputes, it is worthwhile mentioning the adaptive and supportive Portuguese state courts. As touched upon in previous posts, Portugal shares historic and legal roots

Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 6 – A Robust Legal System

  International Arbitration & Portuguese Law A robust legal system   When selecting a jurisdiction for international arbitration, as noted in previous posts, there are several important factors to consider, among them, is the legal system of the country chosen. Portugal has recently implemented some changes to its legal system, including to international arbitration laws,

Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 5 – Modern Country, Modern Facilities

  Portugal & International Arbitration   Recently modernized infrastructures and facilities   Portugal is a developed country with many modern infrastructures and facilities. In recent times, Portugal has been considered a spearhead in terms of new technologies and IT solutions. This is especially relevant in terms of the fact that many of these new technologies

Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 4 – A Safe and Friendly Place

  Portugal & International Arbitration A safe, stable and reliable jurisdiction   Portugal, with its stable economic, political and legal systems has been growing increasing popular in the realm of being considered as an advantageous destination not only for tourism but also for the resolution of international arbitration disputes. Alongside this, Portugal is considered to

Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 3 – Legal Background

The Portuguese Legal Background & International Arbitration Enduring legal ties between Lusophone Countries   The fact that the Portuguese Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure are still in force in the Lusophone countries of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé Principe, and Guinea Bissau gives Portugal yet another advantage in terms of selecting a

Why Arbitrate in Portugal? Reason 2 – Language

  Language & International Arbitration Portugal – a country with communication skills The Language background Language barriers are one of the most prominent cultural concerns when dealing with business matters in a foreign country, and this makes sense because a seemingly innocuous mishap in wording can lead to a failed business deal. This is even

8 Advantages of Arbitrating Disputes in Portugal

A safe harbour for dispute resolution Arbitration, in and of itself, has a long-standing history, having been practised by the Greeks and Romans, it is to this day still one of the most sought out methods of dispute resolution. In more recent decades, and alongside globalisation, international arbitration has been vastly growing in popularity for